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Innovative and Affordable Custom Fitted Professional In Ear Monitors
and Earplugz for every Lifestyle.

Dream Earz Custom Fitted In Ear Monitors and Earplugz are truly as unique as your fingerprint. They are individually handcrafted here in the United States to create a High Fidelity Stereo Sound System in your ear canal.

Being a  working musician and using In-Ear Monitors for over 17 years now, I designed Dream Earz Custom Fitted In Ear Monitors specifically for the demanding musician and audiophile who are ready to maximize their personal monitor mix. For musicians, no more competing to hear yourself on stage. Dream Earz Custom Fitted In Ear Monitors and Earplugz allow you to get rid of the unwanted ear damaging stage noise with almost 100% Isolation. Put only what you desire to hear in your mix and at a comfortable volume! For audiophiles, no more cranking the volume just to hear your mix. The awesome 26db isolation turns down the outside noise so you can hear your tunes at a low volume yet with crystal clear fidelity!

Listen, It’s not a myth that almost every IEM company use the same drivers, the same acrylic process and the same cables for the most part. So don’t be fooled by the outrageous prices out there! Here at Dream Earz we totally understand what being on a budget means and always try to help any way we can with our second to none customer service. We’ve taken a plethora of knowledge learned from over 27 years experience and made it better with brand new cutting edge technology and many hours of hands on tuning and testing by some of the best musicians and engineers in the industry. We are constantly striving to offer the best custom in ear monitoring and earplug products available.


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