The best fitting, best performing monitors and ear plugs
are three (3) simple steps away.

01 Purchase Your Monitors

Whether it’s in ear monitors or ear plugs, we have a world-class, professional product series for you. Choose the perfect Dream Earz series for your needs. Customize the look and style of your monitors or plugs and place your order.

02 Have Impressions Made

Schedule an appointment with an audiologist near you. To keep things simple, we’ve put together a list of requirements and talking points you can download and share with your audiologist.  Based on customer feedback, in most locations you can expect to pay between $50 and $100 for this service.

03 Mail Your Impressions

After your impressions are made, simply mail them back to us using the address label we provide with your receipt. It’s common for customers to use the flat-rate USPS option, but any delivery service you prefer will work.

Impression Instructions

Dream Earz Custom Fitted In Ear Monitors are full shell In Ear Monitors.

For best-fit results your full shell impression needs to include the FULL and COMPLETE concha cymba, crus and antihelix, tragus, antitragus and canal past the 2nd bend.

Specific details to discuss with your Audiologist:

  • Ask your audiologist to use a high viscosity silicone impression material.

  • To insure proper isolation make sure the auto block (ear dam) is pushed into the ear canal past the 2nd bend.

  • Fill the canal completely, and allow the impression material to push out the syringe on its own. It’s critical for the entire concha cymba region to be filled.

  • DO NOT use a bite block or open mouth technique. Impressions made using these two (2) techniques limit the quality seal, and will only fit properly when you clench your jaws or leave your mouth open.  For the best fit, we recommend talking normally while the impression material is setting up. This will insure the best isolation and a most comfortable fit.

Critical areas required for your impressions

Concha Cymba




How To Insert and Remove Your Dream Earz

01 Rotate

Hold the CIEM firmly at the top and bottom, but notice in the picture it’s also rotated forward about 45 degrees with the cable behind you. You may find that a little more forward rotation is necessary.

02 Guide

Guide the CIEM canal tip into the ear canal opening, but still maintain that forward rotation. It is suggested to use saliva to slightly moisten the canal tips for easier insertion. During this step, make sure to position the cable over and behind the ear.

03 Rotate, Guide & Slide

In this step the CIEM has now been rotated backwards. Never force them in! Since the monitors are custom made for your ears, they should slide in to
place with ease. During this rotation you’ll want to guide and slide the CIEM canal tip into your ear canal with a little inward motion.

04 Getting the Seal

At this stage you can pull your ear lobes while giving a gentle press until the CIEM is seated correctly. Opening and closing your mouth will also help with this. To avoid breaking the seal, always use the slide to tighten the cable. m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m mm

Never Pull or Use the Cable to Insert or Remove Your CIEM’s

Properly remove your CIEMs by following the  insertion steps in reverse, from step four (4)  to step one (1).
Hold the CIEM at the top and bottom, and gently pull the monitor out, and rotate them forward while sliding them outwards.