• 2 Pin Replacement cables retro-fit all Dream Earz models made before February 1st 2019. Lab tested and guaranteed to work on arrival, 2 Pin Replacement cables are easy to change. There is no warranty offered on the 2 Pin Replacement cables.
  • This Dream Earz DE 2000 black waterproof case offers an airtight, waterproof, crushproof storage protection solution. Submersible to 100 feet, each DE 2000 case feature a closed-cell neoprene o-ring that seals out water - no matter how harsh the conditions. The inside features an integrated padded lining, and the ABS resin body is virtually indestructible. Each case includes free name engraving. Every DE 2000 comes with the manufacturer's guarantee.
  • Linum SuperBaX T2 replacement cables fit all second generation Dream Earz monitors made after February 1st 2019. Each cable is backed by a six (6) month Dream Earz warranty, and a one (1) year manufacturers warranty. Our Linum SuperBaX T2 replacement cables are only available in one (1) color; clear.

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