• Drummer & Bassist DB Series

    The DB Series are driver configured and tuned specifically to provide the broadest spectrum of frequencies and deliver that ass kicking low-end punch drummers and bassists demand.

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  • We combined Vocal Earz and Guitar Earz to develop Dream Earz VG Series Custom Fitted In Ear Monitors specifically for the demanding Vocalist and Guitarist who wants to hear their monitor mix clearly from anywhere on stage. VG Series monitors feature Ambient Vents that prevent over isolation. Each vent includes five (5) different plugs you can mix & match to design the perfect level of ambience.

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  • XT Sport CIEMs

    We developed Dream Earz XT series custom fitted in ear monitors specifically for the demanding Action Sports enthusiasts.  This series is equipped with our black, proprietary dropdown faceplate for the best cable comfort under helmets used for motorcycles and extreme sports.

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